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Facial Tightening and Rejuvenation with Laser

Fractional Radiofrequency with Gold Microneedle


Indications for facial applications: It is used in the treatment of 'pre-facelift' laxity and tissue laxity in the 30s and early 40s. It is especially effective on the lower face, neck, around the eyes, forehead and middle face. It is also used for intra-arm, intra-leg and abdominal laxity, hyperhidrosis and scar treatment.
Single session treatment time is 1 hour. Topical anesthesia 30 minutes, application 30 minutes. is.
Pain is minimal. There is much less pain compared to focused ultrasound or external RF devices.
After the procedure, there is redness lasting 2-3 hours. There is no visible edema.
After the procedure, cold application and cold shower should not be done and a moisturizer should be used for 1 week.
The recommended number of treatments is 3-4 sessions with 3-4 week intervals.

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