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What is breast reduction surgery?

If the size of your breasts affects your activities and makes you uncomfortable, if your bra straps cut your shoulders, contact us immediately.

Before surgery, we jointly evaluate the condition of your existing breast tissue with a breast specialist and radiologist. We use the "vertical mammoplasty" technique in both breast reductions and lifts.

Most of the time, you can go home after the surgery and return to work within a few days.


Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

  • If you have any of the following complaints, you may be a good candidate for aesthetic breast reduction surgery.

  • If your breasts are large compared to your general body structure

  • If you have heavy and saggy breasts with nipples pointing down

  • If one breast is larger than the other

  • If you have back, neck and shoulder pain due to heavy breasts

  • If skin problems such as rash under the breast have started

  • If your bra straps leave deep marks on your shoulders

  • If your daily life is restricted because your breasts are large and heavy

  • If you are not comfortable with yourself because your breasts are large.


Deciding on surgery

Breast reduction surgeries can be performed at any time after breast enlargement is completed. Breast reduction surgery should be expected in lactating women. If you are pregnant and planning to breastfeed, you should let your plastic surgeon know.

Depending on your age and if you have a family history of breast disease, a mammographic examination may be necessary before surgery. Breast reduction surgeries do not increase the risk of breast cancer.

Before the operation, your plastic surgeon will ask about your medical history, the medications you take, the surgeries you have had, and whether you have breast disease or allergies. Generally, private health insurances do not cover aesthetic breast surgeries.



The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The accepted breast reduction method can be grouped under 4 main headings; With the liposuction method, it is possible to reduce the breasts rich in fatty tissue to some extent. The second method can be done around the nipple, but the breast shape obtained in this method is more flat and flat. The third method is the method performed with a suture line around the nipple and an inverted T-shaped suture extending under the breast and in the inframammary groove. The last method we frequently recommend is the reduction surgery performed with the nipple and a suture line that continues vertically under it.

You can return to your home on the day of surgery or the next day, you can return to your work life in three or four days, and you can start sports within a few weeks.



Surgical scars fade within months and fade considerably over the years. After breast reduction surgeries, the symmetry may not be perfect and the heights of the nipples may differ slightly. Minor corrections can simply be made at any time six months after surgery.

After your aesthetic breast reduction surgery, you will get straighter, smaller and fuller breasts. You will be much more comfortable while doing sports and during your daily activities.

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