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What is Carbon Peeling?

Carbon peeling is a Q-switched Nd:Yag laser application that we use especially on skin with dense pores.


For what purpose is Carbon Peeling applied?

Carbon peeling is especially used for the purpose of shrinking the pores. It provides a temporary freshness in skin quality with the controlled heating that occurs during the procedure. Carbon peeling is also used to turn dark hairs yellow.

Although the name is carbon “peeling”, the process is not a peeling process. Therefore, carbon peeling  spot treatment  cannot be used with the purpose .


How is the carbon peeling application?

Before the application, the face is cleaned and the inside of the existing pores is cleaned. After cleaning, carbon cream is applied to the face and the pores are filled with this cream. Afterwards, shots are made with the Q-switched Nd:Yag laser, and the carbons in the cream applied to the face are exploded and destroyed. The instantaneous temperature increases created by the carbon atoms blasted with laser pulses reduce the pores and increase the skin quality.


Carbon peeling application and after

The application takes a total of 15 minutes and is painless. After the application, there may be slight redness that will last for 10-15 minutes. There is nothing special to be done after the application, you can continue your normal life.

If the application is done to shrink the pores, 4-5 sessions may be required at 1 week intervals.

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