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What is a filler application?

One of the ways to solve the problems that occur due to the loss of soft tissue on the face or the downward displacement of the soft tissues due to gravity, which occurs with age, is filling applications. In cases where the existing problems are in limited areas, ready-made fillings can be used quickly and practically in the practice environment. If there is a large amount of volume loss in a large area in the face area, the oils taken from the person can also be used successfully in the face area.

Among the ready-made fillings, the most frequently used ones are the ones containing "hyaluronic acid". Permanence varies between 6 months and 2 years.


What are the advantages of hyaluronic acid applications?

In the practice environment, it can be applied quickly, painlessly, after numbing with the cream. Since they do not cause much swelling after the application, they do not cause disruptions in the daily life of the patients. Although hyaluronic acid fillers are foreign names, the risk of allergies is very low. This risk can be minimized, especially by choosing reliable brands.


Where can filler applications be made?

  • Lines extending from the nose to the sides of the lips (Nasolabial)

  • Lines descending from the corners of the lips (Marionette)

  • Mimic lines above the lip (Perioral lines)

  • Filling deep acne and scars

  • lip plumping

  • Cheekbone definition and cheek area

  • skin hydration


How is the filling application done?

Before the filling applications, local anesthetic creams are applied and the area is numbed by waiting for 15-20 minutes. The application takes 5-10 minutes. Today, there are also fillers, which are substances with a numbing effect. These fillings are less painful and can be applied without any numbing. You can return to your normal life immediately after filling applications. Pain does not occur in the application area, very mild swelling and redness may occur for a few days.


How long is the filling application effective?

The effect of temporary fillings varies between 6 months and 24 months. This period varies according to the content and density of the selected filling.

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