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What is tattoo removal?

It is possible to get rid of permanent tattoos that you loved to have done but no longer want. Whether it's just black or colored tattoos, tattoos can be removed with the Q-switched Nd:Yag laser.

The technique used in tattoo removal and the quality of the paint significantly affect the success of tattoo removal. Not applying the dyes at the same depth while tattooing will complicate the treatment. Similarly, tattoos using poor quality paint can be resistant to treatment.


How to delete tattoo?

Before the application, cream is applied to the area for topical anesthesia and some numbness is achieved. Afterwards, it is ensured that the existing paint pigments are exploded with laser shots made at appropriate settings. The pigments, which are split into small pieces by blasting, are removed by the body from the area over time.


Tattoo removal application and after

The application time varies according to the dimensions of the existing tattoo. During the application, you may feel a pain that is not very severe, which occurs during the explosion of the pigments. 1-2 minutes after the laser shot, the color of the shot spot darkens to a color close to purple. After the procedure, there will be a 1-day dressing in the area. This darkness is peeled off like a crust within 2-3 weeks and a fresh pink skin emerges under it. It is important to protect the area from the sun after the application.

After the pinkness of the skin disappears, it will be seen how much benefit from the treatment. It should be noted that some tattoos are resistant to treatment and may require additional treatment sessions.

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