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“The line between my eyebrows makes me look angry when I'm not actually.”

“The lines on my forehead make me look older than I am.”

“I love to laugh, but my eye rims are getting too wrinkled.”

“I wish my eyebrows were more raised.”

Maybe you have this type of complaint or are wondering about BOTOX®  and want to know more. And you wonder if BOTOX® is right for you.


What is BOTOX® ?

BOTOX® is natural, purified protein produced from the bacteria Clostridum Botulinum. BOTOX® is a simple, non-surgical application that reduces dynamic wrinkles and lines that occur on the face over time. With a 20-minute application, it relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles for up to 4 to 6 months. It starts to take effect in 3-7 days. Since it is an easy, fast and healing process, many people return to their work and daily life after the application.


Who is suitable for wrinkle treatment with BOTOX® ?

If you're between the ages of 18-65 and want to look your best, BOTOX® is right for you. Thousands of men and women who care about their appearance have discovered the benefits of BOTOX®. Not just artists, politicians, models, but teachers, mothers, and people from business and all walks of life.


BOTOX® which areas does it apply to?

Especially the forehead region, between the eyebrows and the lines around the eyes, which occur due to the movement of the mimic muscles, respond extremely well to BOTOX® treatment. Apart from this, upper lip and neck lines can be treated.

In addition, BOTOX®  is used in the treatment of sweating in the hand, foot and armpit areas.


How is the application?

Your doctor will determine the area to be injected in order to get the best results. Anesthesia is not required, an anesthetic cream or ice compress may be applied depending on the sensitivity. BOTOX® injection is applied in very small doses to each area to be applied. The application time is approximately 20 minutes. You will immediately return to your normal activities.


Are BOTOX® applications painful?

Very little and short-term stinging sensation is felt. When the application is completed, there is usually no pain.


How long does the effect of BOTOX® un last?

The effect of BOTOX® lasts up to 4 months. This time increases with repeated applications.


Are there any side effects?

In conscious and experienced hands, it has very few side effects. Very rarely, temporary drooping of the eyelid occurs as a result of headache or misapplication. Slight redness can be seen rarely in the injection area, it can be easily covered with make-up.


Will My Wrinkles Get Worse If I Don't Continue The Application?

No. Your wrinkles will gradually return to their pre-treatment state.


Points to be Considered Before Application?

Inform your doctor about your current health problems and the medications you are using, if any.

BOTOX® application is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

Inform your doctor if you have had any previous surgery or if you have severe neurological diseases in the area where BOTOX® will be applied.


What should I pay attention to after the application?

After BOTOX®  application, you should not bend your head forward (such as reading a book or using a laptop) and avoid hot applications (hot shower, sauna, etc.) on your face only on the day of application.

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